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Worship Nights

In the Spring of 2017, Antioch College Ministry decided to scale back and focus in. In semesters past, we had put on large-scale services with sermons and after-parties, but we sensed that God was looking to bring things back to the basics. We cut back on everything else to hone in on worship. Each month, we would gather to simply worship and be with God.

This gave me the opportunity to create a brand that would be used throughout the semester to promote our worship nights. I wanted to create something turanabol for sale unique and go more abstract with this project than I had before. Creating a bold WN mark gave the flexibility to try out different background textures, images and text arrangement in ways I never had previously. I loved breaking the rules with typography and creating interesting pieces that pull the viewer’s eye around the image.

Worship Nights 1
Worship Nights 2

WN Mark

I wanted to find a consistent mark that could be used across all of the promotional materials for the Worship Nights we would be having. I knew that having an element to the design that was concrete would allow me to push the other elements in really exciting ways without losing the continuity of the campaign.

Worship Nights 3
Worship Nights 4
Worship Nights 5

Bringing It All Together

For our final Worship Night, I created this cool looping animation to run before and after the service. I recycled all of the images from the graphics that had been used throughout the semester then animated my WN in and out. I also inverted my marbled background so that it did stand apart from the other pieces in the campaign. Taking my work from the entire semester and bringing it to life with motion was one of my favorite parts of this project.