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Riess Group Mural

One of my friends, Mike Riess, owner of Riess Group, initiated with me about installing a mural in the new office space for his business. Though I had never tackled a lettering piece so large, I was thrilled at the challenge and said yes without hesitation. We began with digital sketches and once we landed on a final design, I flew out to Waco, Texas for a two-day installation. It was a ton of fun to create something so large and spend the weekend with friends in Texas. Working on something so big gave me an appetite for murals and I have been itching to get working on another one since. If you're looking to spruce up the empty wall in your space, be sure to reach out and let me know. I'd love too help!
Riess Mural 2
Riess Mural 1

Digital Sketch

As with all of my lettering projects, this one began with a hand-drawn digital sketch. I had a fun time creating these quirky serifs to giving the letters lots of subtle personality.

Riess Mural 3