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The Incredibles

For my Digital Imaging final project, we were asked to re-imagine one of our favorite animated movies by creating a poster, movie cup, popcorn bucket and novelty leave- behind. The catch was that we had to approach the movie using a different style of animation than in the original. This was definitely a huge challenge for me. I had never illustrated anything so massive and that required so much detail. But using reference images of the characters, I sketched the titular family and then translated that sketch to Photoshop. This really allowed me to explore all different types of brushes and techniques and taught me a ton. I brought the imagery from my poster over to my cup, popcorn bucket and novelty item. The requirements for our novelties were very open-ended, so I decided to create a little booklet that highlighted each member of the family and gave a short character brief and list of powers.

The Incredibles 1
The Incredibles 2

Movie Theater Butter

Part of the assignment was to design (and consdturct) a souvineer gup and popcorn bucket. I wanted to find clever ways to use my illustrations of these characters and make them feel new. For the bucket and the cup, I took close ups of the characters’ faces and brought in my texture and colors from the booklet.

The Incredibles 3

Souvineer Booklet

I was also asked to create a souvineer item that movie-goers would take home with them. There were no rules or limitations, just creative freedom. Some people chose to do toys or keychains, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to produce those in the quality I wanted, so I opted for a “Meet the Incredibles” booklet.

The Incredibles 4

Character Bios

On each spread of the booklet, I introduce a different member of the Incredibles. This part was really fun because I was able to again use my illustrations in a new way and also got to imagine up some different facts like birthdays and ages from what I knew of the characters.