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Culinary Caravan

In my senior web design class, we were asked to create a websitefor a restaurant, either one that existed or one that was made-up. I chose to create a company of food trucks that traveled across the U.S. to bring people different cultural flavors to Americans. I called it the Culinary Caravan.

I built a set of logos that varied to match each of the different food trucks. Because the specific imagery I had in mind was tricky to find in stock photo archives, I chose to make use of my illustration skills. Keeping in mind the nature of web and designing for flexible layouts, I made five unique banner images that creatively stretch when the browser is extra wide, as on a desktop.

Ribbon Icon2017 Gold Addy Award

Web Design
Culinary Caravan 1

All About Variation

I always start on lettered logos with a paper and pencil. This gives me control and exploration that just isn’t possible in the computer. Sometimes sharpies and tracing paper are the best tools for the job.

Culinary Caravan 2
Culinary Caravan 3

Masterful Chefs

If any of my food truck chefs look familiar to you, it may be that they are. I had a hard time finding images of chefs that looked like I wanted so I used headshots of contestants from Master Chefs for my concept! I just Photoshopped out the Master Chef logo from their aprons!

Culinary Caravan 4

Pack Your Bags

A small, fun part of this project was creating this illustration of baggage for the road. It’s the only stand-alone illustration on the website and even though is is irregular in that sense, I like the character it brings to the homepage.

Culinary Caravan 5
Culinary Caravan 6
Culinary Caravan 7
Culinary Caravan 8
Culinary Caravan 9