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Coffee & Beignets

To celebrate the start of a new semester, Antioch College Ministry’s first service was to feature free coffee and beignets following the event. I could tell you that the social media team wanted me to do something extra fun and creative, but truthfully they would’ve settled for some text on a photo. I just wanted to play with food for a few hours. After an hour or two, my kitchen table was covered in coffee grounds and powdered sugar but I couldn’t be happier!

Coffee & Beignets 1

Unique Materials

I expected that creating letters out of real life materials would be hard. I was only half right. The coffee grounds were so easy to use and helped me shape my letters perfectly but the powdered sugar was a nightmare. It clumped together and fought me every step of the way. Even throughout the difficulty of getting everything just how I wanted, I had the time of my life. Creating type with the coffee grounds was actually brilliant because it let me tweak and perfect the curves of my letters easier than pen and paper!

Coffee & Beignets 2
Coffee & Beignets 3

The Final Video

For the final video, I sped the two hour long process up to fit in 15 seconds and added some great audio to bring it all together. Seeing the letters come together so quickly was super satisfying and is one of my favorite pieces I’ve done to date.