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Antioch Merch 2016

Every year, the Antioch College Ministry team develops cool clothes and other merchandise for the students to purchase and wear around campus. This is one of my favorite times of the year as we get to develop the style and brand that will carry us throughout the coming semesters. I got to design several pieces including stickers, two t-shirts, promo cards, koozies, water bottles, phone backs and even a flag! We wanted each of our items to be unique but unified in style and it was tricky to balance diversity with unity. In the end, it was a great time and a fun challenge to design across many different items.

Antioch Merch 2016 1
Antioch Merch 2016 2

College Stickers

Any artist knows, designing a sticker is awesome because your work gets plastered everywhere one peoples’ stuff. This was no exception. People loved the design and I still see this sticker on water bottles and laptops all the time.

Antioch Merch 2016 3

The Shirts

Designing these shirts was a labor of love. They took a long time to revise and perfect but ended up being something we were so proud of. The creative team and I spent a few hours conceptualizing different designs and out of the dozens we sketched, these two made the cut. For all the headaches they caused, it was worth it to see people enjoy and wear them regularly.

Antioch Merch 2016 4
Antioch Merch 2016 5

Koozies + Inserts

We ordered several hundred of these koozies to give as a free gift to students. I also got to design these inserts to fit within them to give some details on our college ministry. Over the last few years, these koozies have made it into more hands than we can count. Designing the inserts was fun because I got to explore unique color options where everything else was strictly black and white.

Antioch Merch 2016 6

Phone Backs

Several LSU student organizations had begun handing out custom phone backs for students and they had been such a hit, we figured we would add them to our stock. These rubber pouches stick to the back of students’ phones and hold IDs, credit cards and cash. This is another example of designing the words “Antioch College Ministry” in a different format. This design was also used on a set of water bottles that we printed.