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COA+D Annual Report

In my senior design class, I was asked to take an old design and expand it into something new. Two years prior, I had developed a concept for LSU’s College of Art + Design Annual Report through my job as a designer at GDSO. After a summer abroad, I came home to find the publication had taken a different route and my concept had been shelved. I chose to resurrect my idea and recreate the annual report my way. My original idea was made up of only a few concept pages and though the starting point was small, I had vision for the project. I knew I wanted to express movement in the styles inspired by motion graphics. All throughout the document, on page numbers or as accents to imagery, I incorporated custom swirls to help move you through the document. This was one of my favorite projects at LSU and I even won an Addy for my work on it!

Ribbon Icon2017 Gold Addy Award

Publication Design
COA+D Annual Report 1
COA+D Annual Report 2

Color by Color

For the sake of organization, the annual report was separated into 4 different sections: Discovery, Learning, Diversity and Engagement. Each section uses a different color to distinguish its content and allowed me to maintain consistency while also exploring different creative ideas.

COA+D Annual Report 3

Circles and Swirls

I chose to crop all of my photos into circles so they would work well with my theme, which gave me the opportunity to use my swirls to compliment the photos and lead the viewer throughout the document. They were tricky to create but add so much to the Annual Report.

COA+D Annual Report 4

Lecture Series Spread

Each school year, the college invites notable members of the art world to give a lecture to students and faculty. This is a huge way for the college to represent itself and so I wanted the spread to be unique and dynamic. It was super tricky to get the text to work around circular photos but I love the way it turned out.

COA+D Annual Report 5
COA+D Annual Report 6

Creative Page Numbers

For the page numbers on each page, I created a system of three swirls that change color, rotation and arrangement from page to page so no two pages have the same design. Sometimes they even play out into the content in different ways.