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This Is Not Religion

For a class project, I was tasked with creating a publication that represented creative salvage. I wanted to reveal who Jesus is, not as a religious figure, but as a person and how he creatively salvages the lives of his people. I interviewed six friends and documented their raw encounters with a real, living God. Living in Southern Louisiana, most people have been surrounded by "christian culture" for better or for worse. The aim of this project was to cut through all of the noise and nonsense to get to the heart of the matter and uncover something real. This wasn't about documenting Sunday morning church services, but about exposing readers to raw, unfiltered encounters with God. My hope was that these stories would show that Jesus is simply as a person with thoughts and feelings, not just some lofty deity.
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Keeping Tabs

Though far from traditional, I wanted elements of this book to feel familiar and play off its concept. So for each story, I chose a title that highlighted the story of the person telling it. Each section was color coded and descended in height from section to section, much like tabs that can be found on traditional Bibles.

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Say It With Style

I wanted this book to be engaging make use of typography in an expressive way. Because all of these stories are filled with such powerful quotes, I meticulously went through each interview with a highlighter and picked out the best ones. Then, using the color schemes to match the section, brought in pull quotes for emphasis.

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Notes and Doodles

Another thing that was important to me was to be able to have my own voice throughout the narrative. Think of me as the guide. I lead the reader through the story by highlighting, underlining, and taking notes to give a little extra insight or enthusiasm to what’s happening. Ocassionally, I add in my own illustrations at dynamic moments. I hadn’t worked with illustration much at this point so that was one of my favorite parts!