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Sufragette Poster

As a class project, we had the opportunity to design a poster for the LSU School of Music's Opera that retold the story of the Women's Suffrage Movement in the US. During the play, selected posters from my class (including mine) were actually displayed on stage as a part of the production. For my poster, I chose a lettering and illustration style that looked like it would git into the time period of the suffrage movement. While many of my classmates went directly to the computer, I decided to take a more hand-made approach. So I sketched then painted my entire poster by hand before scanning it to be printed on large poster paper.
Sufragette 1
Sufragette 2
Sufragette 3

Out of my Comfort Zone

I wanted to push myself in this project and so choosing to have an aspect of my poster that was illustrative was key for me. Doing the lettering was very much within my wheelhouse and I didn’t want to just stay in that bubble. I illustrated these chains and paid careful attention to lighting and shadows to make them look real and life-like!