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I was contacted by 423 Creative to develop some custom lettering for one of their clients, the famous Baton Rouge pizza joint "Schlittz and Giggles." Every year, Schlittz hosts a St. Patrick's Day music event called Schlittz-a-Palooza. The previous logo had simply used just a simple font for the title and I wanted to do something a bit more fun. Beginning with hand-drawn sketches, I wanted to reimagine the brand of this event to feature clean lettering. Using a technique called bezier curves, I was able to achieve super smooth lines and curves on all of my letters.
Schlittz 1

New yet Familiar

One of the important things for me when working on this project was to make sure that I stayed true to the look and feel of the actual Schlittz and Giggles logo. Since the original logo used custom script lettering and I knew I would be doing the same for my project, I wanted to keep things similar. At the same time, it gave me opportunity to express myself in the details.

Schlittz 2
Schlittz 3