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Revival Nights

In 2016, LSU was flooded with several hundred students from the Antioch Church in College Station, TX. As part of their Spring Break mission trip, they came for a week to Baton Rouge to pray for and evangelize to college students like them. Partnering with them, we hosted a three night event called Revival Nights that featured worship, presentations of the gospel and ways for LSU students to get connected to church. It was an awesome time and I was privileged to be able to give life to the Revival Night brand by putting into visuals our vision for the event. We sat around a table a few weeks before and said, “What is revival? What does it look like? How does it feel?” The design direction that resulted from that meeting still sits among some of my favorite stuff I’ve done.

Revival Nights 1
Revival Nights 2

Cards on Cards

Over 5,000 of these tiny cards were passed out on LSU’s campus during the week of Revival Nights. It was really neat to have my work in the hands of so many people and the turnout at our events were great. Largely, I’d hope, because of my cards!

From Death to Life

Revival is defined as an awakening, a revitalization and a return to former glory. In line with that concept, I found time-lapse videos of flowers decaying and reversed them, to give the illusion that they were miraculously returning to life. This idea played out across promotional videos for social media and aspects of the services.

Revival Nights 3