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Hope Is Rising

Unbound, the anti-human trafficking arm of the Antioch Movement, hosted a local silent auction to raise money to help rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking. I was one of a few artists that contibuted to the auction by donating custom pieces of art. As I was trying to think of what I wanted to do, the phrase "Hope is Rising" really resonated with me. Statistics say that there are more people enslaved in the world in one form or another than any other point in history. In spite of those numbers, I stronly felt a sense of hope that those statistics would soon be changing. Using metallic paint pens, I created this gold-themed piece for the auction.
Hope Is Rising 1
Hope Is Rising 2

Starts with a Sketch

All of my custom lettering projects always start with a sketch. Its here that I work out letter spacing issues and style, as well as take note of which parts are trickiest to draw. This helps me go into the final project with confidence and hopefully keeps me from making mistakes!

The Digital Process

Often times, I will take my sketches into the computer to do some very specific fine-tuning. Using the computer, I am able to make sure that all my letters are proportional and follow a consistent system of thicks and thins. Following this, I print out the digital version and create the final hand-made piece from that.